The Eye of Carly’s Hope: Tasmanian Wilderness Chapter One

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Hiking through the Tasmanian bush, Millie searched for the guardians of the Eye of Carly’s Hope. She had no idea what they would look like if they looked like anything at all. She pushed her way through a clump of pampas grass and fell into a small sediment pond at the base of a slow-running waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t very big, but the pond was deep enough for Millie to get wet from head to toe.

“Wow,” she said climbing out of the cool water.

Good time to stock up, she thought and put her waterproof backpack on the bank, and pulled out a water bottle.

“May I fill from your stream?” she asked the waterfall and the stream transformed into a gush of clear water.

Millie filled her bottle and thought about changing into her sports clothes, but it was turning out to be a hot day, so decided to wait. Once her bottle was full, Millie put her head under the water and washed the sediment from her hair and clothes.

“Thank you,” she said, and the gush returned to a clear sparkling spray.

Millie wanted to talk with the waterfall, but checked her watch.

Thank goodness you’re waterproof.

“Oop. No time to dawdle,” she said, hooked her backpack onto her arms, and adjusted it to her back…

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