Pelion: S02E04

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“Auntie,” Millie the younger said, and Tess looked up and was filled with a renewed joy to see her sister.

“Take her hand,” Tess yelled to her daughter. “Don’t let him slip away.”

No-one had to tell Millie the younger twice, she breast stroked her way to her aunt and took her by the hand. Once they connected, a strange electrical spark moved to and fro from niece to aunt, and aunt to niece. Neither could move while Millie the younger powered up Millie the elder.

“Hurry up you two,” Millie the younger heard her mum say and it broke the trance like state the two Millie’s were in.

Aunt Millie gripped her niece’s hand tight and together they made their way to Tess just as a tentacle like sucker came out of the darkness.

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