Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I now live in Tasmania. I have a BA in modern culture with a minor in ancient history and a Master of Letters (MLitt). This is my portfolio website.


If you would like to buy me a coffee… or coffee machine, you can hit the alt sidebar on the right side of the page, and PayPal is set for donations. It’s not a huge coffee make I’m after. It’s just one that will put everything into the machine, brew it, pour it, then bring it to me… 😉

My Projects

Jerrymanders: is an experimental movie I made in 2017. It can be viewed on YouTube or at Jerrymanders. Each link on the top menu at the site tells another aspect of the Jerrymanders story. 

The Gothic Guild, was the creations I made to world build for my dissertation. My dissertation can be found at a new site created for further research, Writing Urban.

Josephine Marlin is a series of novels I am writing, but will take a bit of time before they can be released.

Fields of Elysian is part of the Josephine Marlin series.


Karen’s Newsletters


For my latest updates, and to read some of my short stories, Facebook is the place to go @AuthorKarenEastland

Thank you for taking the time to visit my network of sites.