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The Umbilical Serum Of The Transitional Vampire

This is fast becoming a living document. Updated 24 September 2022

Watching the Vampire Diaries has had me asking many philosophical questions about vampirism, so I created the following lore and evaluations.

Lore: Some believe the umbilical serum of a transitioning vampire is a cure for vampirism, and although many vampires have attempted to tap into that source of magic, it has yet to cure one of them. It has, in clinical trials, cured humans, but only those who could afford the resource. The serum has cured cancer and other incurable diseases, even ageing.

Trials and Evidence

Only trace amounts of the umbilical serum can be detected, and extracted, during the transitioning process. If the window of opportunity is missed, or the extraction is performed too early, or too late, it will kill the recipient, vampire or human.

It is, therefore, my conclusion, that…

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