Orienous and Delaemol: Dark Fire Reigns

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There weren’t always dragons in the Valley, but with the dawn came fire and from the fire, dragons rose. In the beginning, the people thought they came to save them. How wrong they were.

“Ester? Ru— oh god!” Marcus cried as her hand slipped from his and she fell.

He thought she might’ve fallen over the edge, but that would have been a mercy.

“Ester?” he screamed, dropping to his knees, searching the ground through thick smoke for just a hand, a finger, for anything to lead him to his love. “Ester?”

Ester’s screams died in the fire, and just when Marcus thought he’d found her, the dragon swooped down and picked her body from the side of the mountain pass they’d been travelling. He looked up to see the dragon swallow her whole, and a part of him died with her. The pass was engulfed with flame, and Marcus escaped by the skin of his teeth. He was protected by a large boulder. It shielded him from the heat while other boulders melted.

They’d heard a tale about a saviour on the mountain. Were sent by seers to find the one known as Orienous. Those who first witnessed the arrival of the dragons had sent scouts to every corner of the realm to find a legend. None had travelled as far as Marcus and Ester…..

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