The Daemons, Celia and Sandra: S03E02

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“Daemon… You sure he said, daemon?” Aunt Millie asked the twins. “Sure he didn’t mean demon?”

“Yes,” Sandra said, “daemon and isn’t it divinely wonderful that Marly’s alive, and Mark—”

“Why?” Millie asked her aunt. “What’s the difference? Daemon, demon… they’re the same thing, aren’t they?”

“Not at all, Millie,” Aunt Millie said. “They’re very different creatures.”

“So, what are daemons?” Millie asked.

Millie and her aunt kept the conversation going until they could find a new topic to get Sandra’s attention. They needed to focus on the new oogidie boogidie in Launceston… Or an old one.

“Daemons, girls, are like… well, they’re like angels, actually.”

“Angel’s?” Sandra asked, rejoining the conversation.

“What she said,” Millie said, sending her aunt a pleading, She’s gonna start delisciofying the conversation, aunty, straight into her mind.

Aunt Millie smiled, rolled her eyes and saw Sandra’s mouth begin to form words, heard her thoughts, and decided it’d be best to jump right on in and feel her way as she went along. She had vague memories about daemons from obscure books she read in her youth.

Think, Mill’s, she was thinking, but thankfully Millie had also heard Sandra’s thoughts and recognised her aunt was lost to her own, so jumped to fill the void.

“Why would an angel want to eat humans?” she asked…

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