The Adventures of Millie and Sandra Season 3 Episode 1

Marly, Mark and the Daemon – Click this link to read the full story

Aunt Millie’s potluck was an enormous success with the coven, especially when they found out who was being served. Even the Hercules moths took a bite just so they could say they too got the better of Meryl. Millie and Sandra preferred their butterfly roasted, and as to whether their dad, Brian, was there… No!

After a group session it was decided after Aunt Millie argued her case, that the twin’s dad should be kept at a distance. That their mum and aunts’ relationship should remain, for him, “Rocky.”

The twins focused on school and their magic, but Sandra and Celia practiced it all at the same time. The two had grown scarily close and practiced their togetherness in the school change rooms on sports days. Sandra would change into a skimmer and Celia would give her an eerie glow, darken the end of the change rooms, and release a low growl. When the girls started arriving, they’d turn on the light, then scream as they caught sight of the scene for just a moment, satisfying Sandra no end as she became urban legend.

Some described the “monster” in the second-floor changing rooms as the Tamar tiger… even though it was green. Of course, Sandra could change with just a thought, and had learnt how to teleport short distances, so she and Celia would be gone before anyone could check her out. By the time the holidays arrived, there were stories about the green Tamar tiger in the girls’ change room.

The twins had also been practicing their flying. In a group with their mum and aunt, they were fine, but alone, they had to find their own wings. Sandra, with Celia’s help, mastered flight faster than Millie, she mastered a lot of things before the long-suffering Millie who made several, “It’s not fair,” remarks to the coven, though she eventually mastered it.

It was the weekend and a friend of theirs had gone missing several months earlier, and every weekend, Marly Endover’s, family and friends would gather at the Launceston City Park, where Marly was last seen, to search for clues, to search for Marly. The twins wanted to join the search. They thought their new adaptation to their understanding of their witchery might aid in the search.

“Be careful, girls,” their mum said as they were leaving the house. “I know you can handle yourselves, but please be careful.”

“We will,” they said in unison, “bye.”

The door slammed behind them and after a quick look around, they changed into Skimmers and flew as high, and as far as they could without being seen, to City Park. It was around two in the afternoon and people were everywhere. The twins landed in amongst a yet to be trimmed hedge of what they thought were conifers but were, in fact, briars.

“Ouch, ow,” they complained.

“Were’s the bag of clothes?” Millie asked as she transformed back into herself and was standing stark naked in a prickle bush.

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