Sandra, Celia and the Hobgoblin S03E04

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“Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin,” Aunt Millie bellowed making Tess jump, and Frank spill a hot coffee down the front of his white shirt. “Hobgoblin!”

“What?” Tess sort of yelled to make herself heard, “and quieter, please.”

“Yes,” Frank said. “Quieter would be better. Now what’ve you found, Mill’s?”

“Celia,” Aunt Millie said, but was having trouble stringing the words together in a coherent sentence.

“Celia?” Tess, the twins mum, asked.

“Is a Hobgoblin,” Aunt Millie said.

“I thought she was a crystal ball?” Frank asked, clearly confused and all while dabbing the tissues, Tess was passing him, against his shirt to mop up the coffee.

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