What Goes Around Comes Around

Warning, this story is about rape, and while fictional, may have triggers. This is the link to Australia’s Rape and Domestic Abuse Hotline, please stop reading here if you think this story might affect you, and don’t be shy about contacting the hotline for help and support. *** ‘You’re mine,’ he grated, tearing away at […]

How Many Zones? Live as though each day were your last

Marge spent a lot of time putting together briefing papers and incident statements, many from some very anxious drivers. She could tell from their body language that they didn’t really want to talk about their working conditions, but some of the old fella’s could see the danger ahead if change was not implemented now. They […]

How Many Zone Series

Pulling up to another stop, the tired aging Bus driver inwardly groans at the thought of picking up another fare, because that’s all people have become to him, just another fare. He’s pretty sure he said ‘how many zones’ the other morning after 3 hours of sleep, when his wife climbed into the car. She […]

How Many Zones?Arron Maitland

There was no end in sight. Steven was trying to see the brighter side to the situation, but he just couldn’t. He was all over the Internet. And the news. Yes he got the girl, but the whole world got to see what an awkward guy he was; his oh so many attempts to talk […]