Taffeta Woven Abodes

Taffeta Woven Abodes

Taffeta Woven Abodes, from the poem of the same name, was created using Udio AI, but instead of me rewriting verses and inserting chorus’s, I thought I’d see what the AI would do if I instead inserted the poem each verse at a time.

The poem was short, and I couldn’t see how to break it down into song without having to completely rewrite the poem to fit. Then, where the AI vocalist revealed a place in the poem for a chorus, I edited those lines for intro and outro

All lyrics by Karen Eastland, https://kareneastland.id.au

All vocals and music created using Udio AI: https://www.udio.com/creators/Karen%20Eastland

All images created with NightCafe AI: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/u/33-Kazza

Animations created with Apples iMovie Maker