Night Owls Dream -Part One

This part one of, Night Owls Dream, and is a #story told with #music. It’s addresses #environmental problems as well as being #entertaining. I will release part two on Monday Australian time. I do hope you enjoy the tale it weaves

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A Name ForgottenA Name Forgotten

In heavy darknessPast echoes shimmerOutlines of their reach draw meTendrils lift and sway on a breeze long forgottenAnd odorous gasps break the barriersFrom their world to mine. Shallow whispers drift

Never AgainsNever Agains

Searing lines lace a valley’s rim.Mist forms and rolls across deep skies.Wind and hail rush the weathered treesand dips their bows aside. Motions swirl, pluck and playbringing to life, silence.Rays