Fell of Childhoods Dreams

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Never AgainsNever Agains

Searing lines lace a valley’s rim.Mist forms and rolls across deep skies.Wind and hail rush the weathered treesand dips their bows aside. Motions swirl, pluck and playbringing to life, silence.Rays

Futured PastFutured Past

Salty mists drift and flayescalating steamy wavesto elevate lost moments echoesamidst fulfilling sacred hallowed meadows With silken strands of cob and daubthat float on ripples of beforea future thought trails

A Name ForgottenA Name Forgotten

In heavy darknessPast echoes shimmerOutlines of their reach draw meTendrils lift and sway on a breeze long forgottenAnd odorous gasps break the barriersFrom their world to mine. Shallow whispers drift