A Human and AI Poem

Good morning all. With the recent development of AI, I thought it was time to see what could be achieved in a 10-minute session with chatGPT. With the first poem, Aesthetically Intrinsic, I asked the AI to write a 50 word poem about the sky [then regenerated that response]. Then I asked the AI the same question and instead of sky, I added nature to it. That request resulted in the final two stanzas.

With the second poem, I took my edited outline back into chatGPT and asked the AI to rewrite poem one.
1. Aesthetically Intrinsic

Endless blue canvas, a playground for the clouds,

Nature’s masterpiece, and a sight that never gets old.

Mirroring the beauty of our world.

The sky reminds us of the universal vastness

The sky is vast and blue

A canvas for the day’s debut.

Clouds drift by like cotton candy

The sun shines bright and dandy.

An abyss is created when shadowed by moon

Lighting up with stars that twinkle and swoon.

Nature’s beauty is a sight to behold

Her forests, mountains, and seas are so bold.

Birds sing melodies and flowers bloom

The world’s so rich, and absorbs all gloom.

Nature’s balance is a delicate dance

A treasure for all, a precious chance.

Her beauty is oh so rare

With huge green forests and crisp fresh air.

Birds singing sweetly,

Rivers flow, and oceans roar

Nature’s symphony, forever more.


2. Holistically Adjacent Identification

The endless blue canvas, a playground for the clouds,

Nature’s masterpiece, never ageing or sold.

Reflecting the beauty of our world,

The sky reminds us of its vastness, unfurled.

A sight that never gets old, the sky is vast and blue,

A canvas for the day’s debut, with clouds like cottony hue.

Moon shadows create an abyss, starlight twinkles and swoon,

Nature’s beauty is a treasure, to be cherished and attuned.

Forests, mountains, and seas, all so bold and rare,

Birds singing melodies, flowers blooming without a care.

The world is so rich, absorbing all gloom,

Nature’s balance a dance, a precious chance to resume.

Rivers flow and oceans roar, nature’s symphony forevermore,

Her beauty an ode to life, a precious sight to adore.

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