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My Rexy Boy

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I got my Rexamus Maxamus (Rex) when he was just a puppy. He was a full blood English Staffordshire (staffy). When I went to get him, as you do with animals, I sat and waited for him to choose me. There were eight puppies and all, but Rex followed their mother from the back porch to the lawn. Rex, a white staffy with a brown patch over his eyes, walked over to my feet, climbed on them and, as little fat puppies do, tried to reach for me, but rolled off.

When I picked up that little bundle of joy, he curled up in my lap and went to sleep. I took him home that day. He has a pedigree name also, but to me he was my Rexy Boy. I’d been in a nasty accident and had a mattress on the lounge room floor because it was more comfortable than the bed. So, right off the dot, Rex and I slept together. He snuggled his snout in behind my ear and snored like a drunken sailor.

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