Season Two Finale: Skimmers

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Facing off with Judith, an elder to the twins, shook the girls a little, then Millie started groaning, and it became a cry. Sandra took hold of her hand and when she did, the twins floated from the surprisingly solid floor of the fog. Green scales began to grow around their faces, large wings tore through their clothes. Firm ridges protruded from their foreheads, and moved up over their heads, and down their backs.

They became the dragonflies they were destined to be, but Judith had absorbed their energy and she too changed.

“What is that?” Sandra asked as they floated to the ground, her voice, like her sight, had layers.

“Don’t know,” Millie responded, and she too had layers.

“You have incurred my wrath,” Judith said. She’d changed into a rather dull looking moth type creature, and she didn’t have layers. “You dragonflies. You think you’re better than me—”

“Certainly prettier,” Sandra said, and Millie laughed.

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