Dragonfly Rising

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“Sandy? Oh, thank goodness you’re all right,” Millie said. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. One minute I was watching the water spin in a counter-clockwise direction, and the next thing I knew, a wave of heat shot up through my feet so fast that it was burning my legs and shooting into my mind before I knew what was happening. Next, fire was coming out of my eyes. I couldn’t stop it, Mill’s,” she said. “I became lost to the flame.”

“Come sit down. I think I have an idea,” Millie said.

When Sandra sat on the sofa, a sharp pain radiated across her shoulders, and she stood faster than she’d ever stood before.

“Ouchie, ouchie, Mill’s,” she said, “what is that?”

Millie turned to see Sandra ripping her shirt over her head and while Sandra was hoping it wasn’t some ginormous bug biting her, all Millie could do was gasp.

“What? What is it, Mill’s?”


“It’s not a bug is it… please don’t let it be a bug,” Sandra was saying, but Millie couldn’t say a word.

“Mill’s? You’re scaring me. What is it?”


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