Done and Dusted: The Slender Man Final

The Adventures of Millie and Sandra is a series of urban, paranormal, crime fiction/fantasy stories for girls between 9 and 14. At the bottom of this story, seventh in the series that will become books, I will provide the links to the previous stories in order, from number one.


The twins lay beneath the gnarled old pear tree, soaking in the memories. With their grandads carving above their heads and its ripe fruit dancing in the tree, the world outside seemed to be a million miles away.



“Where are we?” Sandra asked.

“We’re somewhere, and nowhere,” she replied.

“But what does that mean?” Sandra asked, as a sudden deep pain pierced her side, and for the briefest of moments, Millie disappeared.

The gold light vanished, and her stomach lurched when she saw the face of the Slender Man.

“Millie?” she cried, but a deep, distorted voice answered.

“What is it, sister?” it asked, and Sandra shifted to her elbows and saw, lying beside her, a hideous, formless creature.

She screamed. Tried to get to her feet. Tried to get away, but Sandra couldn’t move.

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List of links to each story in the Adventures of Millie and Sandra so far is below in order:

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