The Long Thaw: The Slender Man, Part Four

The Adventures of Millie and Sandra is a series of urban, paranormal, crime fiction/fantasy stories for girls between 9 and 14. At the bottom of this story, seventh in the series that will become books, I will provide the links to the previous stories in order, from number one.

Part four is now available via this link.

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Aunt Millie had Sandra’s hand in hers as they made their way through the forest. While the coven prepared for the battle ahead, Judith was keeping her up to date. From what she could tell, Millie had just about used every spell she knew.

“Auntie?” Sandra said.


“We’re headed for the creek.”

Creek? Aunt Millie thought, What creek?

They were sucessfully manoeuvering through tree and bush without making a sound. It was a delicate operation, but now Aunt Millie was trying to recall what creek. She and Tess, the twin’s mother, had explored the forest when they were children, and there was never any creek back then.

“Tell me about it,” her aunt said.

“It was strange,” Sandra said, and her voice had taken on an excited tone.

Her aunt knew where that would lead, “It would be absolutely delicious and, what a wonderfully divine love affair that could be,” or some other such nonsense. She knew she had to put a stop to it before it started.

The Adventures of Millie and Sandra:

  1. Aunt Millie’s Warning
  2. The Terrible Case of Mr. Spoxal
  3. Happy Birthday Girls
  4. Marigold Madness: The Slender Man Part One
  5. The Raging Bull: The Slender Man Part Two
  6. The Heart Of The Matter: The Slender Man Part Three

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