The Heart Of The Matter: The Slender Man, Part Three

The coven moved silently through the forest towards the ghostly green pulsating light surrounding the old barn. Aunt Millie kept her fear in check and hoped Millie had been taken to the barn too… that she would be with Sandra. As the coven came to a stop, they realised there were no sounds of the forest, and a deep shiver came over them. Aunt Millie reached for Judith’s hand.

“It’s so quiet,” she whispered.

“I know,” Judith said, “What do you… Oh my. Who’s that?”

Aunt Millie turned to look, and not far from where they stood was the Slender Man. His formless face made their stomachs churn. Judith’s grip on Aunt Millie’s hand tightened.

“What do we do?” Judith asked.

“We don’t let it get close,” Aunt Millie said, and a whisper grew amongst the ferns and leaves of the forest floor, as a chant began.

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