Marigold Madness: The Slender Man, Part One

Slender: The Arrival video game. from

The twins were on their way to stay with their aunt for a few days. She was going to teach them how to protect themselves… also, the marigolds were ready for harvesting.

“Aunty?” she heard along with three knocks.

“Coming,” she called.

She barely had the door open when the twins barreled through. They wrapped their arms around her and kissed her cheek before letting her go. Aunt Millie almost fell over, but straightened her hair and apron as the girls bounded upstairs to their room.

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” she called.

“Okay, Aunty.”

The girls put their stuff away and took their shoes off. They’d walked from home and Sandra had complained about her sore feet the whole way.

“Ready?” Millie asked, watching her twin flex her toes.

“Yes. Let’s see what Auntie’s up to,” she said. “Do you think it’ll be something delicious?”

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