Tasmania’s Gift to Life

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A family of mountain Wallabies rests in the day’s warmth, stretched out on large hot boulders along the riverbed. A small herd of Deer have come down to lap at the clear flowing water, and to graze upon the green grasses. Snakes are swimming in the freezing mountain waters flowing in from the Ben Lomond Ski Resort. They are territorial, and it is unusual for other snakes to encroach upon another’s territory.           

A mob of Kangaroos has congregated on the other side of the river at the base of a steep mountain. The warm stones and pebbles of the riverbed crackle and crunch under their weight. A small Joey, not long out of the pouch, slides down into the water. Using his powerful back legs, he swims around the small pool created by many floods. A shift of boulders provided a very deep well. The water is blue, clear and in that pool, the bottom cannot be seen or reached. The river flows in and around it as the water breaks into smaller water points before joining together again further downstream. Just off to the right is a small echidna using its long beak-like, brown snout to lift rocks and clumps of grass in search of another tasty ant’s nest. Its favourite being the Tasmanian Jumping Jacks…

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Feature Image of the Tasmanian Masked Owl – was sourced from Raptor Refuge Inc. Maybe stop by for a visit.

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