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Creating Happiness With Those Mystical Scissors

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This is a story a bit different to my others about scissors. I am not going to rehash how I make clothes or use them for protection or tools. No! These scissors are mystical. They are used to limit happiness, not to promote it.

We always create our own happiness, even when pushed into it, we make the choice to either enjoy, or tolerate it. Happiness means something different to each and every person on this planet. Sometimes we seek it out, sometimes it seeks us out. I could take a pair of scissors and just start cutting to see where it leads. I could snip at the edges of old furniture that has seen better days until there was nothing left, and that is what we are, a piece of furniture, that we care for as best we can, until there is nothing left.

Creating happiness? Now there’s a job. There are many things we do to make us happy, but true soul deep happiness is hard to come by.

We can dine with friends or watch a movie with family and be happy. We can be creative and be happy, but I enjoy the small things. I love to create from the practical—once I sliced into a plastic garbage bag with a pair of scissors and made myself a raincoat—to the impractical, I made a paper dress, using those same scissors, for a fancy dress party, but for all the things those scissors could do, have done, they could not create lasting happiness, and lasting happiness is what I wanted.

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