The Sly of Night

His black eyes haunt me. The texture and form of his white body fits with my own and yet we are breeds apart. I hear his call each day amongst a growing throng, attempting to lure me into his arms, but I resist. He urgently pulls at the soft white pillows and burgundy summer blanket temptingly from the darkness I can always feel his eyes watching my every step, the rise and fall of my every breath. I make a wide birth each time I pass his abode, knowing I’m helpless to his charms.

Will he be alone tonight? I wonder, or has he invited his friends again, with the promise of haring my warm embrace with them for just one night?’

I’m weak, I see the outline of his form etched into the confines of the bed and I fall. He calls to me constantly. I know I should resist, but can’t.

‘Come to bed.. come on, you know you want to,’ he say with an adorabley gruff tone to his voice.

I peek into the bedroom and see he has friends who’ve come to share in our forbidden love again. I check the house, lock doors, and turn out all the lights. We don’t want to be interrupted. I walked into the bedroom, and a shiver ran down my spine when I saw all eyes were on me.

I felt no shame, because I knew it was how love should be.

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I released the light blue ribbon tie from the silky white of my robe, feeling it fall around my feet. Excitement brimmed within me. The thought of what was about to happen was all consuming. I slid between the sheets and felt him slyly nestle into the crook of my arm. The soft touch of another moved against my thigh as he pulled himself on top of me, and a low growl of discontent rose from beneath the blankets as another positioned himself into the crook of my other arm. I was in heaven.

We settled in for a wonderful of night of togetherness. The moons rays, and star-fire illuminated our forms. Everyone found their place and I’d begun to drift into heady bliss, when a fight broke out.

Sly began an argument with Shags, and Shags tried to take on Burgundy. Bliss left in a hurry as our night imploded. They began a ruckus beneath the sheets.

‘What’s going on?’ I demanded and climbed out of bed, but got no answer.

I pick up my robe, wrapped it around me while they fought amongst themselves.

‘If you do not settle down,’ I thunder, ‘you can all sleep on the wardrobe!’

Suddenly, there is silence. I switch on the light and there, calmly nestled together were my three loves.

Left to right: Sly, Burgundy, and Shags.

‘Get this sorted,’ I said and left the room and made myself a coffee.

There was silence for a few moments, but I knew it wouldn’t take long, and it didn’t. They were all arguing about who got to sleep on my chest.

‘She’s mine,’ I heard Sly scream.

‘But I knew her first,’ Burgundy demanded. ‘It should be me.’

‘Well,’ I heard Shags say, ‘I was a gift, and being said gift, I therefore hold the title to sleeping in the prime position.’

Keep it up, and no-one will, I thought and sipped my coffee.

‘Swinging, swinging, swinging,’ someone said in the lounge room.

It was then I realised, poor Sebastien, always a couch cuddler, missed out.

I went and picked him, walked back to the bedroom and set Seb on the bed.

‘You’ve been replaced,’ I said to the boys and picked each out of the bed and sat them on the wardrobe.

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