Dragon Song

I Dance with Dragons.

‘Gyldendal, son of Draghansle, your song calls to me. Your melody resounds on the winds as it traverses the skies.’

The dragons song whispers to me, and I am engulfed with future images revealed within my minds eye. The song pierces the boundaries between worlds. It enters my quiet places and draws me into its thrall. I fall, and the dragons images shimmer in and out before my eyes. My mind is quieted, only receptive to its message. They dance before my sight with twists and turns, ascending and descending, dancing to the dragons song, to the song of Gyldendal, my friend and guardian.

A stench of rotted flesh floats in and around my nostrils, and as I fell under the dragons spell, I felt the presence of my friends in the Demesnext realm surround me. They wrapped their taloned claws about my shoulders. Their wings spanned around my form, and cradled me with their strength. I was able to see each note dance on their melody, echoing a choir into the ether, a choir of voices as delicate as spun gold. The Demesnext dragons held power over sight, over all possible futures.

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