Cloud Walker

Soft white steam exhales into the morning mist as cloud and drizzle fall about her feet. She, who walks a top cloud and dances upon the ridge of mountainous alpined moss, sees all the way along the great valleys that edge the Tasman Isles flowered beauties. All paths intersect and celebrate at her feet, with the Green-mans leafy trail laid before each step she takes. Cool and chilled she whispers to the shifting winds, all the secrets and hidden mysteries that shower their bounties upon an unknowing world.

She dances to the woven music of times past, with her feet softly lifting white petalled flowers upwardly into the mist. Each flowered beauties stem and leaved remnants hover silently, poignantly above the world, before descending back through cloud and mist, past the mountains and onto the valleys floor, returning their gift of fertile abundance, replenishing a bounty that is so benevolent in its contribution to humanity, that it gives of its wealth without an anticipation of reciprocation’s.

New life flows from the rise and fall of her dancing feet, each toe waltzes through puddle lifting new rain into the cloud and mist, that falls down to fill both river and pond, satisfying a parched earths call. As each finger drapes across the morning blooms, their beauty flowers a smile of awakening at her new day promise, her dance for life.

Paths stretch out before each step she takes, they drift and sway into a distance, and are only masked by a lavender haze that saltates across each toe, echoing secrets only recognised by she. It’s edging tremors of mountainous cliff, and cave, house and feed all life, not unfamiliar to her song. As the misting clouding swales draw their fullness to encase her form, a clearing, swept and well worn, reveals a hand carved throne, and in silent whispering shadows, there silhouettes a mournfully sad woe.

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With each stone hewn from faded memories and dressed with creeping mossed flowered empathies, moistured dewy rivers cascade along a sad line edging to highlight the structure of a beautifully sad face. A watcher over passed lived loves and keeper of forevered moments, she carries all pains of not forgottens, and ponders on questions often spoken. Her eyes drift into a dark deep void and her force of life alters its form.

Dark clouds form above her seat and dressed with sharp and lighting streaks, thunder their affectionate call. In long silent weeps for those now passed, her tears turn to rain transforming past and departed night-fall memories. Soft rain falls about her shoulders in weathered comfort to ease her eternal shudderings at each weeps remembrances.

The branches of the Green-man, mantles about her now bent frame whilst crystal droplets pool and flow amidst the reed and lily at her feet. Edging the banks of silt and snow, lays ornate mirrored peace and serenity. Stretching past a Willow tree that abodes all ancient songs, with the icy steps, streams and borders, flowing their magic amongst all natured throng.

Whipped up waters ripple upon obvious currents echoing a sub-aquatic chorus, whilst galling winds trickle their message and bow their love before her. Her quiet thoughts mirror a pain as old as time itself, it imbued its substance into the earth and ingratiated its essence with her life force. As time moves on, daily must she cease her creation of life and also partake of its passing.

An evening sun breaks the trees, reflecting off the smooth and shining leaves edging nighttime’s journey closer to its beginnings. Rising herself from the stone hewn throne, the pains of long ago release their hold and descend once more to the grounds of their abode.

The base of a laughing pine shelters a cacophony of life, who have shared her days sadness to ease the pain of its bite, whilst awaiting a new moons glow. The fullness of a harvest moon rises, its luminescence reveals the shimmering motion of laugh and dance, with its seasoned change always destined to succeed.

Tracing her life giving fingers across an imagined line, she draws new life into a binding scenery, and as she trails upon her paths, etching an image of motion, her musical grace takes up its place, and mirages her fantastical works into the minds of desires and devotions. A silver night sky now illuminates across the clouds of yesterday, to reveal the most secret hints at what might be of tomorrows.

She makes her way back to her abode upon the mountainous pathways that flowered her intersections during her morning creations, and with the rise of her feet she now creates the stars lit with gold and silvered beauty. As her feet fall back upon the earth with each fluid step, each star projects out into the night sky to be illuminated by a harvest moon, revealing her work to the known world.

Starlit rays reveal their creator with each fingered tip highlighting her connection. Beams of light flow from her finger tips and reflect across the great land, life giving light that feeds the fauna and flora of the valleys base, a light that nourishes many worlds.

Her eyes mirror the time she shares with all life forces that catch upon the winds of night, their secret dreamings echo their silent fears, and she eases those dreads with an imperceptible care, a mysterious knowledge she keeps for the night dreamers alone. The soft whispered patter of small clawed paws and padded feet resound their presence alongside her own. The moon paves a path for all, and she leads them with her grace.

Upon reaching the pinnacle of the mountainous peak, she wades into a moonlit pond, moving amongst lily and wave into midnight mist. She cleanses the day’s journeys keeping’s, to beset a new mornings tryst. Sharding rays of moon kissed light, shimmers through the clouds rolling white of beginnings.

Emerging from the deepest blues, she stands beneath the harvest moon. Encapsulating a universe with her essence of love for all planets like Earth, all solstice systems engage her form and from her breath new life is born into the night, on drifts and song as she radiates all clouds she walks upon to energise another calling of mist and cloud in early morning.

Reflected in the rippling waters, reveals her form wrapped around her many daughters. Each beauty calls a separate quarter and enmeshes them a whole. Each beauty swims in silver waters and with high-spirits frolic and splay, cleaning the creations of yesterday whilst readying for the new day ahead. Seven cloud walkers, beautiful and free, watch over each life; from one world to many.

Before their dance of yesterday completes, the cloud walker raises amidst the festive night sky, with her daughters at her feet, and as they encircle her radiant light, they form the heart that protects all life. Centred upon their mothers glow, all look to the universe as her light explodes.

Her inner life embraces the cosmos, with all connections to her creations forming a convergence of all roads. Tendril’s and trails engulf their calling, and as it dulls they conclude their falling, back amongst the cloud and mist, and once they reach a moistured earth, they once more become one concluding another day’s work.

Cloud walkers are well hidden, you may never see their like, but lift your gaze out past the sun and experience the universe of wonders and delights. All life is connected by unseen things, cloud walkers are creators hidden deep within, and as each new life is a gift to be treasured, know that each moment is a song of valued perception.

She is creation; she protects all life, she is your inner cloud walker, and we rejoice with her night-time’s cacophony and for all life upon the Tasman peaks your Cloud Walker watches you in sleep, and dream. She is mother, eternally watching, never faltering, she walks on cloud and mist and attends to life’s evolving flowerings.

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