Drifting Along Forevered Tales

Cottoned clouds all fluffed and heavy release bound raindrops down, to seep their moistures, both scented and heady, to replenish a sun scorched ground. Opened heavens drench Autumns bounty and the soft sleet heralds Winters call. Swift winds reveal seasoned plenties and reckon utterances off the misting falls.

Gushing rivers peak their banks and slice their remnants across earths core. Wild and tame both intertwine, to revel the tides with resounded echoing meanings, of just like before. And like the streaming twisted flakes floating from heavens door, they cast their shadows mirrored hallows and draw in a new seasons roar.

Ravaged litters of leaf and twig sketch up a night time dream and once again the silhouetted shapes of the in-betweens, highlight their presence and momented figures to end earths silent screams. Snow drifts and teardrops reflect nights wanderings, that rise on wonder to beckon star silked darts, and winding twists and shimmering whispers all touch last moments hearts.

Angel fires streak new skies to reflect imagined delights, by drifting along forevered tales with Winters emitting lights, of soft blues and greens with tailored hues all set to draw new life. And whilst the passing moments sing of tales only seconds ago, the seasoned rivers of yesterdays, now illuminate freshlied echoes.

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