Futured Past

Salty mists drift and flay
escalating steamy waves
to elevate lost moments echoes
amidst fulfilling sacred hallowed meadows

With silken strands of cob and daub
that float on ripples of before
a future thought trails right past
whilst justice treks and weighs true masks.

Roads on fire crawl and sway
edging thickets of cooling days
with whipping licks of smoke and flame
and dancing trails of dense lane ways.

Oddly filling deep red barks
with tasseled greens rimmed and marked
with floral fauna’s wisps and vines
and haggling whispers of the divine.

Silent roars of a harbingers woes
treat the deafening rotund echoes
with rostrums perched on pined histories
sleek and strong amidst flaming trees
now fallen to futured pasts.

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