The Traveler

We are but a speck of angel fire, a celestial body that settles upon the earth after its poise between the outer realms and before our eventual determinations, to create our desired form, during the time of times within our intermediate positions, and before embarking upon our destination, Earth.

To walk for a time as woman, man, or other before moving to the next desired evolutionary steps of our makings.

During our decisions of what lives we would desire to experience, we mapped out our time on Earth, and many are lucky enough to recognise that each new experience is another predetermined adventure that we had chosen before embarking upon the next step of our journey, to manifest ourselves as human.

The journey we begin each day is a journey that we mapped out for ourselves before becoming, and it is a journey that should be lived to the fullest. A journey that should deliver to ourselves that which fulfills the traveler within.

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