A Name Forgotten

In heavy darkness
Past echoes shimmer
Outlines of their reach draw me
Tendrils lift and sway on a breeze long forgotten
And odorous gasps break the barriers
From their world to mine.

Shallow whispers drift from the ether
Calling a name I thought unknown
The nameless dance within and without
The edges of sanity snare the rational
Transforming the real to the un
Felt moments of forever.

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One promise shared across time
Less knowing nothing
Of what lies beyond
Shadows wave and call
A name now familiar
A name thought lost
Forgotten no more.

Wonders trace lives within the veil
The phantasma of their being
Caught in silken strands
Webbed and netted
The veil trails effortlessly
To the foundations
To the fundamentals
Of experience.

Existence binds the grapple
Extending the call from outside
Time whispers a name
From some distant place
Beyond the veil
Within the ether
The same though dissimilar
To the one I know.

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