This Is New

This is new, I know. I’ve had to have a clean up, don’t worry, I have all my creations saved.

I know I have been extremely quiet. I completed my MLitt, as you’d know, and it was traumatic for me. The story writing was easy, but the exegetical component was horrific until I finally settled on Urban Fantasy and the Dead Mother Trope. My story envelopes aspects from several different genres.

At first I went with Magic Realism, and the world building website remained true to that genre, but it also included a time loop, neo-noir as voice. I used a real historical job title, turned it into something supernatural, and placed it in an urban setting. It took me months to be able to write creatively again, to take that short story, The Book of Matthew, and turn it into a novel, Indicus-Resquire.

I’ve completed the manuscript, and am working through from the first chapter for a structural edit. I’m happy with the story, and will continue to examine the Urban Fantasy, and the Dead Mother trope further. I’m reading lots of Gaiman, and Pierce Anthony, whose books I love, along with other fantasy/dark urban fantasy authors, and will begin to write reviews for those books on a new website-it’s not ready yet.

There will be an annotated bibliography section, as I am also brushing up on English grammar, research and theory, Cultural studies theorists, early philosophers, and of course, more of Irvine, Feasey and Ekman, amongst others researchers in the feild. I have been writing a digital memoir, as well as Indicus-Resquire. is being reworked to become a more representative portfolio of me and my projects, both past and ongoing. I have lots to do this week, so will be very quiet once again, but I wanted you to know that I am working to bring you some interesting things.



Be smart, stay safe.

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